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"Our Highmark Family of Dogs"

Meet some of the current and past dogs of the Highmark Family -

Starbuck (BISS CH. Highmark's Cowboy Coffee, OS, SDHF)
Coach (BISS CH. Happy HR Highmark Bad News Bears, CD, SH, WCX, SDHF, OS)
Paddy (MWM Highmark's Paddy Malone)
Buddy (CH. Highmark's Up Side Of Anger)
Skye (CH. Highmark's Pop Fly At Malagold)
Aubbie (CH. Highmark Aubergine)

"Starbuck" shown winning Best of Breed at the prestigious Kentucky
Cluster in the Fall of 1998

BISS CH. Highmark's Cowboy Coffee, OS, SDHF
(07/23/1995 - 10/16/2010)

(Amberac Letz Make A Deal, OS x Highmark Halley’s Comet, OD)


"Starbuck", born July 23, 1995, represents over 20 years of breeding under the kennel name of Highmark. He was an outstanding representative of the Golden Retriever standard of today. He had a strong front assembly, lovely length of back, tremendous substance, and an abundance of correctly textured coat. Starbuck's head combined a broad back skull, great depth of muzzle and strong underjaw - great for carrying birds or his favorite teddy bear! His expression would melt your heart!

We miss him terribly...

Starbuck's Highlights and Photos

Starbuck's Pedigree


"Coach" strutting his stuff in the show ring

BISS CH. Happy HR Highmark Bad News Bears, CDX, SH, WCX, SDHF, OS

(CH. Happy HR Beauty in the Beast x CH. Highmark Weather or Naught)

His registered name might say one thing, but there is literally no 'Bad News" about this boy!

"Coach" is a beautiful light golden color and a moderate overall dog, standing 24 inches high and weighing in at 74 pounds. He is a solid, well-balanced dog who has a strong flowing and effortless gait. This boy is short-coupled with a solid top line and a proper tail carriage. He has beautiful forechest, with plenty of sternum and proper shoulder layback. Coach has an exquisite headpiece with a soft expression and great muzzle depth. He has full dentition and a proper scissor bite. Along with his dark pigment that remains year round, he has the correct coat texture for both the show season and the hunting season!

Coach is a multiple Best in Specialty Show Best of Breed and Sporting Group winner, having also been singled out for an Award of Excellence in competition at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, CA, in December of 2006 and earning a Judges Award of Merit at the presitgious Westminster Kennel Club show in February of 2007.

Coach was ranked the #1 Golden Retriever in the Canine Chronical Breed Point System (December, 2007)

Coach has now completed the requirements for that Senior Hunter title, along with his Companion Dog (CD) obedience title and his Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) hunting title! We are very proud of all Coach continues to accomplish!

Coach's Highlights and Photos

Coach's Pedigree

Coach's Stud Packet


"Paddy" is shown here - the "grooming demo dog" at one of the educational seminars that Linda presents to local Golden Retriever clubs. He loves to "show off"!!

MWM Highmark's Paddy Malone
(08/27/1997 - 11/04/2011)

(CH. Highmark's Cowboy Coffee, SDHF x CH. MWM's Luck of the Irish)

Take a look at this outstanding Starbuck baby boy! "Paddy" was a strong and solid dog, with beautiful shoulder, powerful rear and a topline that brought it all together perfectly. He was playful and sweet and just a treasure to us.

That bright, strong, wonderful boy - with the bark that held enough life to force energy straight through you - has gone to join his father, Starbuck. Paddy was a joy and loved life and any kind of attention. The house will always have an emplty spot where Paddy would always be.

Paddy had it all. And we are proud that has passed these wonderful traits on to his boys and girls. Look for "Paddy Kids" in a show ring, obedience competition or the local pond - they do it all!

Paddy's Pedigree


"Buddy" is in his element in the show ring!

Buddy was bred by Kara Anderson and Linda Willard.

Health Certifications:
CERF: GR-33286
HIPS: GR-94028G28M-VPI
Heart Clearance provided upon request


CH. Highmark's Up Side Of Anger

(CH. Happy HR Malagold Dust Storm x CH. Sonoma Metropolitan Dream)

The "Up Side" at Highmark is Buddy!

Buddy is a Starbuck grandson and certainly has continued in the family tradition of Golden Retriever Specialty winners! Buddy completed his championship title with a BIG WIN at the Kansas City GRC Independent Golden Retriever Specialty held in Lawrence, Kansas, the last week of June, 2008.

Born on May 20, 2005, Buddy, has grown into a very striking boy - a beautiful combination of both his sire and dam. With a strong head and neck, proper shoulder layback and correct rear angulation, Buddy moves effortlessly around the show ring. He is certainly exciting to watch!

We at Highmark will be anxiously following Buddy on whatever path he leads us. We know it will be a thrilling adventure!

Buddy's Pedigree


"Skye" is shown finishing her Championship title in April, 2009!

Skye was bred by and is owned by Linda Willard.

CH. Highmark's Pop Fly At Malagold

(BISS CH. Happy HR Highmark Bad News Bears, CDX, SH, WCX, SDHF, OS x CH. Highmark Malagold By Jiminy!)

Born on April 14, 2006, Skye has since grown into a beautul and elegant girl, and we are very proud to have her in the Highmark Family!. Our Coach daughter finished with multiple specialty major wins, including “Back to Back Majors” at the Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club Specialties, November 15 and 16, 2008 in Norman , OK.

Sky finished with a major win at the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club Specialty show on Sunday, April 12, 2009, under judge Carmen Battaglia where she was WB, BOW and BOS over specials!

The "Skye's" the limit, with this Highmark girl and we will certainly be watching to see where she takes us next!


"Aubbie" is shown finishing her Championship title in April, 2011!

Health Certifications:
HIPS: GR-99832F25F-VPI
Eye Clearance provided upon request
Heart Clearance provided upon request

CH. Highmark Aubergine

(BISS CH. Happy HR Highmark Bad News Bears, CDX, SH, WCX, SDHF, OS x CH. Sonoma Metropolitan Dream)

Aubbie completed her Championship title in 2011, with very limited showing! We are so proud of all that our Aubbie has accomplished in her short show career.

Aubbie does not go out to shows often, but she did attend the Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club Specialty and on Sunday, November 18, 2012, and went Best of Opposite Sex, which gave her additional points towards her Grand Championship title! What a great Specialty win for our Aubbie!

Aubbie is as beautiful as she is sweet, and we are looking forward to her passing those same traits on to her future babies.

Aubbie's Pedigree


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